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Why not prune or remove trees by yourself?

Nov 28

Are you thinking about hiring a Georgetown landscaper and lawnmowers to cut overgrown trees in your yard? It's easy to fantasize about owning a chainsaw and being covered with flannel. Who among us hasn’t dreamed about becoming a lumberjack.

Arborists and lumberjacks are more interested in their knowledge than their skills. They care about safety and knowledge. Consider the pros and cons of professional tree care before you start trimming or sawing trees.


It is possible to prune small, easy-to-reach, or hard-to-reach branches of shrubs and small trees. If you are able to do it correctly, there are very few risks. You can cut small branches and put them on the curb.

Pruning large trees or branches can pose a serious risk to your safety and health.


These are the questions you should ask yourself if your goal is to have your friends or family help you prune or remove your trees.

Are you covered fully by your insurance?

There are always risks. Collisions between large branches or trees can cause property damage, as well as the loss of life. Being a good neighbor means paying attention to how your actions might affect others and minimizing disruption. It is possible that your neighbor will prefer to keep their possessions the way they are, even if you have insurance for damage to their property or other damages.

Are you a busy person?

Tree pruning and tree removal can both be time-consuming. Pruning large trees can take a lot of time if you do it alone or in small groups. You are at risk for injury every time you climb or descend from a tree. Injury risk can be increased by fatigue and distraction.

Tree crews are professional tree-care workers who work together to remove and prune trees as safely and quickly as possible.

Are you a professional?

Large-scale hand pruning of young trees and shrubs is different than smaller-scale hand trimming. It is very difficult to get out from the tree once you are up there. It is impossible to look back and see your work or make the next cut. To double-check your work, it is inefficient and time-consuming to climb up and down trees.

Before climbing a tree, arborists Lawn Worx need to "read" it. They know the consequences of each pruning cut. They can also use powerful, heavy tools suspended from ropes to maneuver around trees' crowns and complete complex tasks.

Do you have the right tools?

You will need specialized equipment when pruning large trees and removing large branches. To begin, you will need to climb up to the top of the tree's branches. You won't be able to safely climb up the tree's top branches with a ladder. The ladder will drag you along, making it impossible to reach all branches.

Do you know how to manage large-scale green wastes from tree work?

You shouldn't add large quantities of tree trunks or branches to your garden if you don't split your wood. If you rely on your green trash container, it will be difficult for you to remove the green waste from pruning or tree removal. You will need to re-cut the pieces in order to make them fit. Also, you won't have enough to dispose of them all.

A woodchipper, a professional tree service company, quickly cuts down branches into smaller pieces. These branches are then placed in a truck bed and then removed for use as mulch.